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Our relentless pursuit of the harmonic.

MasterWork Definitive Architecture specializes in the design, planning and preparation of construction documents, and the execution of special, one-of-a-kind custom residences and select commercial properties. Following the Master Builder philosophy, Brian Darnell, Director of Design, and General Building Contractor, and Rick Scrivner, Architect combine their 50 years plus of experience designing over $400 million dollars of high-end residential and commercial construction bringing to light a synergistic solution to the art. The success of their projects is leveraged by an in-depth understanding of building, structural systems, and the proper execution of high-end construction detailing and finishing. Robust skill-sets, design acuity, and desire for build perfection assure a finished project of the highest caliber and architectural harmonic. MDA's cohesive and homogeneous design practice has cast significant projects both domestically, and internationally. All projects start in the artistic tradition of hand sketch on paper and are carried through the completion process with advanced software and 3d modeling for an accurate visual forecast of the project

Brian Darnell, Director of Design, General Contractor CSLB 964715

Rick Scrivner, Architect C25827

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